Top 3 Sellers That Live Up To The Hype...

In today’s beauty market finding your perfect nude shade shouldn’t be a hassle, yet it remains a problem that many women with darker skin tones face. The Legacy Collection serves as a solution. The Legacy Collection features 6 non-traditional nudes for women of color.

There are some true best sellers from this collection and here's why....


Ghana was the shade that led to the creation of The Legacy Collection. In 2017 Essentials By Edwina only had one “brown girl Nude” it was called Nogah; named after the founder’s best friend Nogah Winfield.The overwhelmingly positive reaction to the formula and shade is what inspired us to focus on a full nude collection: The Legacy Collection Nogah was renamed to “Ghana” and became the 3rd shade in the Legacy collection. Ghana is a rich yet neutral shade; a great in-between tone that works on lighter and darker skin effortlessly.



Liberia is the deepest shade of the Legacy collection. It took a while to find this color but once we did we knew that it was special and most importantly sought after. Dark Nudes are the hardest to find which is why I believe Liberia remains a bestseller. It also works as a great chocolate hue for lighter skin. It is not a brown that looks gray: it’s a true nude made just for us.



Congo was an unexpected hit! Being the lightest shade in the collection many of our customers combine it with The Legacy Lip liner to create the perfect ombré look. Congo is a shade that can be combined with others in an effortless way. It’s multi purpose capability makes it a bestseller.


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